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With 12 years of experience, we give our clients the individual attention they deserve in order to meet their personal preferences.
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Smart Home & Business Camera Security Systems
Monitoring your home or business has never been so easy! Manage your security cameras, motion detectors, video doorbell cameras and much more with just a click! Check on your home, kids and/or pets remotely. Make sure your camera system is activated and receive alerts to your mobile device. If you are coming home late at night, keep some peace of mind by activating an illuminated path from the driveway to the door with just a simple touch of a button.
With integrated CCTV you can live stream what is happening in your home and your business by recording high quality images and videos. While at the same time monitoring from anywhere in the world. With the newest CCTV technology, you will get security camera resolution that meets your lifestyle.
CCTV acts as a visual deterrent to prevent crime. It offers the ability to see dark environments with night vision. CCTV guarantees high definition recording, live view or playback from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone, tablet or any internet enabled device.
Our CCTV technology integrates with IP and analog based systems. Creating a complete interoperability between video, security, lighting, energy management and building reliable automation for your home or business. Everything is just a click away! 
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