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Home Automation

Smart Home Control Systems & Automation
Home automation delivers smart home systems personalized for the individual. Always intuitive and responsive to the way you live. Integrating all your needs with intelligent touch panels, face recognition and voice control. It is easier than ever to manage your smart home. It allows you to see, hear and respond to visitors whether you are in the car, on the couch or out and about. Smart home control systems are personalized to meet your needs. Delivering a luxurious smart home automation and control to enhance your lifestyle. 
Imagine you enter your home and the room knows it is you. The room then responds accordingly based on your personal needs and wants. With intelligent touch panels your face is recognized, and your home is personalized to your preferences. The temperature is automatically set to your liking, your favorite song starts playing and the lights of your choice turn on. All without even touching your panel!

Integrated surveillance in a single interface. Securing your home each evening is a snap! See who is outside, answer the front door from the backyard or accept a delivery while you are out and about. Turn off the lights, ensure the garage is closed, doors are locked and the security cameras activated. Disarm the system from your mobile device, receive alerts, monitor and playback whether you are home or thousands of miles away!

Whole house audio and video system working together with all your entertainment systems. Everything working flawlessly, delivering music, television, movies and more throughout your entire home. All provided with one elegant interface that will allow you to enjoy consistent experiences across multiple devices. Creating a complete custom, personalized experience. You can select different media for each space or play your favorite soundtrack throughout your entire home. Whether your entertainment is in one room, throughout your whole home or even outdoors.

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